DEADLINE EXTENDED Take the Philly Tech Startup Survey!

When discussing Philadelphia’s technology community, questions about what its entrepreneurial leaders feel about the region often come up. It’s time to create a benchmark understanding of our young technology business leaders.

If you’ve founded an active company or are a CEO of a startup, Philly, the Center City District, and Philly Startup Leaders  want to hear from you in the first ever Philly Tech Startup Survey. It should just take 10-12 minutes.

Take the survey here before Dec. 31.

Few quick details:

  • Philly will share with everyone the anonymized data, so our community can better understand ourselves. Give us your time, and get back a better view into your peers.
  • Philly are tying all survey responses to specific companies for data accuracy’s sake, but we won’t share any specific firm details publicly. (i.e. employee counts through time)
  • Generally speaking, Philly considers tech startups to have fewer than 200 employees and be no more than 3-5 years of age doing work on digital hardware, scalable software or related services. However, this is largely a self-selecting group, and so if you feel you fit in this category, please take this survey.
  • Find a more detailed description of technology companies on the survey page.

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