StartupPHL Newsletter #44

Inbound Networking, Life Hacks Using Physics, and The Future of Finance


This week Mayor Kenney spoke at Philly Startup Leaders’ Founder Factory kickoff event: #DiversityDinner16Check out’s recap. Photos via @TechnicallyPHL & @FabiolaCineas.

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Networking With Other Successful People

Cultivating a strong network is one of the best investments you can make, but as you progress in your career it can become increasingly difficult to connect with other professionals. Harvard Business Review explores the idea of “inbound networking” – finding ways to attract prominent individuals to you.

3 Strategies, via Harvard Business Review

Tis The Season For Bad Weather & Automobile Snafus

The winter months tend to bring sleet, snow and other unpleasant weather. Since these conditions increase the chances of cars ending up in ditches, we want you to be prepared! Learn how to pull a car from a ditch using nothing but rope, a tree and the laws of physics.

Details, via Wired

How AI Is Impacting Financial Institutions

AI is bringing innovation to the financial services field, but the changes to regulation and ethics that come with this are still being worked out. What will the future of finance and wealth look like with the increasing influence of AI?

Learn More, via TechCrunch

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