Post a Pilot is a program organized by StartupPHL to help foster connections and collaboration between Philadelphia’s leading anchor institutions and the City’s tech community. The idea stems from the concept of Open Innovation which states that firms can and should use external as well as internal ideas to advance their technology.

This program enables companies to provide proof of concept solutions to real-time problems our institutions face, with the goal of creating a solution that could be marketable to a wider audience/customer base.

Important Tips to Remember for Posts:

  • Be brief – we want people to get interested and respond. Keeping it short and sweet is a key way to generate more interest.
  • Keep in mind that pilots posted here are either paid or non-paid. Government pilots are always non-paid.
  • Describe your pilot in a way that highlights that you are seeking an innovative approach and a proof of concept outcome.
  • Consider including metrics of success for the pilot.

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