Pilot Projects

PGW: Mobile & Web Based Support Tool Using Data Sets by Zip Code

Objective: A tool that draws data from open sources that can display maps and select sets of geopolitical, demographic, community information, and relevant data sets for a specified address or zip code.

Purpose: Three primary use cases: 1) Community engagement research, 2) real-time data retrieval and 3) Outreach data reporting.

Goal: Web-based application that can produce the following data points: political leaders, geopolitical maps, population demographics, community organizations, city construction projects. The application can also produce reports and serve as a database.

Benefits of Pilot Project: A tool that information related to location helps reduce time required to source the data itself so that solutions can be applied more efficiently and targeted.

Respondents should email their completed proposal as a pdf to startupphl@phila.gov with “Post a Pilot” in the subject line. Responses are limited to 500 words, and no more than 5 pages. The ideal response will summarize a possible solution to the opportunity stated above. This is the initial process to supplying a solution, and a more detailed response may be required at a later date.

Responses are due by midnight, Friday, May 13, 2016.

Sample Pilot Project: Dashboard for Econometric Information for Philadelphia

Objective: A tool that draws data from the API from Bureau of Labor Statistics website specifically for Philadelphia.

Purpose: Help reduce time spent on collecting and synthesizing econometric information about Philadelphia specifically.

Goal: Monthly report produced automatically that collects the following data points: Unemployment rate, Labor force participation, Private employment by sector

Benefits of Pilot Project: A monthly report outlining the data points noted above is produced monthly. A tool that automatically produces the data helps reduce time required by analysts to source the data itself so more time can be spent on actual analysis and development of policy recommendations if needed.